40% Cashback at CasinoRoom

40% VIP Cashback Promotion at CasinoRoomThis promotion is hard to find in the online casino world, because this kind of promotion you can find it more likely in the online poker market. So if you want  40% Cashback from CasinoRoom all you have to do is to collect 100 Player Points (PP) per month and you’ll gain full access to the VIP Club (this is a very easy task because you can make 100 Player Points in a couple of hours)

After you gain access to the VIP Club you’ll have more benefits like:

–          Get 40% Cashback

–          Instant Cash Rewards

–          Beneficial to all types of players

–          Purchase tournament tickets

–          Easy follow up with helpful statistics and account history

Here you can make an idea about how many games CasinoRoom  has : 103 Video Slots, 37 Table games, 33 Poker games, 27 Video Poker games, 25 Card games, 16 Scratch games, 16 Classic Slots, 13 Blackjack games, 8 Roulette games, 3 Live Casino games, 3 Bingo games and 2 Baccarat games. So, you have all the chances in the world to have a good time and earn a lot of money in this multitude of games

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