40% Rakeback for all Players at Raisingcards

What is Rakeback?

While playing poker at the real money tables, you pay a small commission to the cardroom called “rake”. Rakeback represents a part of the rake that you pay will be given back to you by RaisingCards.

40% Rakeback

Raisingcards gives back to you 40% of the rake to all the players who are signing up through PokerSofts.com and they will get a Special Bonus Code:  POKS40RB , which ensures them 40% Rakeback for life! This offer ensures you that you will pay 40% less than players from other cardrooms.

How do they pay the rakeback?

The Rakeback will be paid in your player account at the beginning of each week. This will give you a bankroll boost each week. After you sign up through our link the Rakeback will be credited to your account automatically.

How much can you earn from rakeback?

There is no limit on how much you can earn. If you are a regular player, you will earn a lot of money from Rakeback and this will be for you a true bankroll booster. Imagine how your life will be if from every money you spent 40% will come back to your pockets. So.. this 40% Rakeback will have the same effect on your poker performance!

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