Aced Poker: A Safe Heaven for USA Players

It has been more than a year since the events of Black Friday, which saw the
US Department of Justice shut down the biggest online poker rooms operating in the United States. Even today, there are scores of US poker forums and blogs full of comments from and about poker players who have been shattered by the closure of these sites and are still trying to get their money back. Several professional poker players even left the United States and went to Canada just to play online poker and not be involved in anything illegal. And as a result, one of the biggest problems that have arisen from that situation is the question of where to play online poker if you are from the United States.

The answer to this – is Aced Poker.

Aced Poker is one of the online poker rooms on the Merge Gaming network that still accepts and caters to American poker players. In fact, US poker players will find that the majority of the player traffic on this site is from their country. Aced Poker has recorded peak hour traffic of 10,000 players and more and has plenty of special bonuses and exciting promotions on offer for all of its members, including US players.

Aced Poker accepts players from all over the United States with the exception of a few states that have made it illegal for their residents to play online poker. As a result, if you are poker player from US states like Louisiana, Washington DC, New York, Missouri, Kentucky and Maryland, you will not be able to access the poker tables at Aced Poker.

Poker players from other US states will be able to make deposits at Aced Poker using payment methods like Visa and Western Union and can withdraw funds using Check and Western Union

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