Bad Beat Jackpot at Inter Poker

Bad Beat Jackpot at Inter PokerFed up of having your best hands beaten? Win over €100k with Inter Poker!

Now you can turn your bad luck on its head and celebrate your Bad beats. With this Bad Beat Jackpot starting at €100,000 this will be a fair reward for your plight. Inter Poker collects 50 cents from every raked pot, so the jackpot keeps growing with every hand.

How do you qualify for the jackpot?

  • Play at the designated Bad Beat Jackpot tables marked with this symbol: “B
  • Both of your pocket cards must be used in your winning or losing hand
  • The losing hand must be Four of a Kind 10s, or better
  • Four or more players must be participating in the hand

How is the Jackpot divided?


% of the total jackpot

The player who holding the losing hand (Bad beat hand) 35%
The player who holds the winning hand (The highest-ranking hand) 17.50%
Other players dealt into qualifying hand* 17.50%
Administration fee 10%
Amount that is used towards the next jackpot 20%
Total: 100%

Note: Players at the table but not involved in the hand will not receive a portion of the jackpot.

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