Barry Greenstein`s Car Stolen From San Diego Casino

Barry Greenstein`s Stolen CarThe Pro poker player had not such a pleasant weekend. This saturday Barry Greenstein was in a Casino in San Diego for a poker night . After a period of time Barry wanted to leave but, in the parking : no valet, no car. Of course, he announced the security and called the police. After a few hours Greenstein had an unbelievable surprise : the thief has reappear  at the hotel, trying to ghostly park the car. The young man was arrested and after that night he was put in a mental institution, because his mother said that he has mental problems. Anyway, Peter Lankey, the thief, brought back the car washed up and with full gas and with an extraordinary explication on Greenstein`s  Twitter page : “ Mister Greenstein I am sorry for all the unpleasant moment I caused. I wanted to impress a girl, I hopped that the full washed up and the full gas recompensate my bad deed”

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