Eureka Croatia : Bodis has won the title

In this tournament Richard Bodis wasn`t so lucky, but until the final victory he had to overcome tough moments when the croats have dominated the tourney, then the german Schreiner was the chip leader, then the greek  Vasileios Chantzaras was the chip leader and after all  he won the title at heads up with Carsten Luxig and a 47.298€  prize.

Day by day, Bodis is a business man and he is not a pro poker player and this  poker title means more for him than the prize money : “ This trophy and this victory means more to me than the money I have won”.

In the last day at the fourth level Bodis had a chip  advantage and Luxid entered all-in on turn 10 K 2 5 , Bodis paid with Q,10 and he won with a pair of tens because Luxig had  6,5 .

Eureka ,Croatia – Final Table Prizes :

1 Richard Bodis Hungary  47.298€
2 Carsten Luxig Denmark  30.150€
3 Vasileios Chantzaras Greece  16.950€
4 Jose Carlos Lopez Spain  13.300€
5 Michael Lundquist Denmark  11.000€
6 Zvonko Petrovic Croația  9.150€
7 Matej Marinovic Croația  7.350€
8 Marko Milkovic Croația  5.850€
9 Andreas Leledakis Greece  4.400€
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