Fast Multi-Table Action for All the Poker Players

More table actions for all players through improved multi-table experience! One of the best ways to take full advantage of Red Kings Poker is through multi-table features!

Red Kings’s most notable new multi-table feature is called ‘Open Similar Table’, or simply “+1”. It allows to the players to quickly open a similar table to what they are currently playing without going back to the main lobby. This multi-tabling feature also improves gaming experience as they can now play up to 10 or more tables simultaneously at amazing speed.

More new Multi-Table features at Red Kings Poker:

  • Show my folded hand” – This feature will help players to remember what hand was played once folded during the round. Definitely a great tool for players who follow all the table action!
  • Indicators in lobby where seated in cash games – This feature is designed for multi tabling players to give a quick overview of where the player already is sitting. A handy symbol is displayed on the lobby next to cash tables you’re already playing at.
  • An improved second sound for “Time to Act” alert – To avoid confusion for players participating in multiple cash tables they have replaced the second sound of the ‘time to act’ alert with a more distinctive one, without being too intrusive. The second sound is played four seconds prior to acting time running out for the player.
  • Auto post blinds on multi-tables – This will enable players participating in multiple cash tables to automatically post or stop posting blinds on all tables.

With these advanced features, hitting multiple tables all together at Red Kings Poker, would be much easier for all the players.

General Details

Red Kings Poker is not accepting US Players

First Deposit Bonus – 100% up to $2,500 (CLICK HERE  for Bonus Codes and Bonus Details)


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