Is Online Poker Safe?

This is the first question that a future online poker player will ask. He really wants to know if the online poker is at least as safe as the live poker. When this question is asked, everybody is referring to RNG (Random Number Generator), at the possibility of other players to see your cards or about the security of the deposit and withdrawal.

Yes! The online poker is safe, but only when the online poker rooms are well known and have a complete review to read about  like on our website You would think  that the online poker affiliates are directly interested to assure you that certain poker rooms  are safe and trustworthy because they are promoting this sites, but do not forget, for an online poker affiliate site to work, its affiliate players have to win constantly.

Let`s start with the RNG (Random Number Generator). You already heard dozens of times: “I had Aces and the other one had twos and I lost”. Yes, is true, these type of hands exists, but are very rare. The players which had the bad luck to be on the loser side in this kind of hand doesn`t know that in the same time at other  tables, millions of hands were played, so the chance to take part in a weird hand is about luck or bad luck. Most of the poker rooms have a decent RNG, which by the way is a type of hardware, not software.

The legend that some genius players can see your cards is a total bedtime story. Maybe, in the 90`s, when the poker client software was at the beginning, then was a chance for some hacker players to see your cards, but in 2013 when the software is fully encrypted and tested, there is no chance for anyone to see your cards, because he will need, not just to hack the software, he will need to hack the server also, so it is impossible.

You should not have reasons to be afraid when you deposit or withdraw money from your poker room. It is like you want to buy DVD from, you pay with your credit or debit card and they ship the DVD to your home. The same thing is here. You deposit, you play and you withdraw the money. The only thing you need is to be aware of the poker rooms which have been recommended to you by email (spam or no spam). You need to look yourself for the best poker room which suits you.

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