Las Vegas profits Improved in 2011

Las Vegas Nevada„Sin City”  feels a little breath after the last years of decadence . The newspaper Las Vegas Sun has published yesterday a list with financial results available for the end of  July and the numbers say that the american casinos have impressive profits  in the last 3-4 months.

The source announced that :„The Casinos from Las Vegas Strip  have realized in July  32,3% bigger incomes because of the increases  of games like Baccarat and Dice” . „ This comes after a 28,9% increase registrated in June compared to the last year, reported by the 41 casinos  from the Strip , a  main street that realize more than 50%  of Nevada  incomings due to gambling.”

That means that July was a month with 885,7 million dollars profit for the state casinos and the winnings for the entire year are 10,6 billion dollars !

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