Let It Ride: An Alternative to Texas Hold’em

“Let It Ride” poker is a more casual and welcoming variation of 5-card stud poker with elements of Texas Hold’em to appeal to a wider base of players. The relaxed betting structure is the most notable change to the game. This shift to a more friendly style of betting is the perfect way to get comfortable with the mechanics of Let It Ride and is easy to learn.

Like stud poker, there is a five-card hand comprising of three dealt player cards and two community cards. As each of the two community cards are dealt, unlike Texas Hold’em the player has the option of withdrawing a third of their original bet. This can be done on the turn of each of the community cards, so as the player gets an idea of the staying power of their hand as it progresses, they can choose not just to fold, as in Texas Hold’Em, and lose out on their bet. But rather they can decrease their original bet by a third, or two thirds if they feel they can’t compete with their hand.

The online version of Let It Ride (also known as Let ’em Ride) allows players to increase their bet gradually as each card gets revealed so players can win even more money on a winning hand.

The name “Let if Ride” comes from the act of not reducing your bet, but rather you “Let it Ride” through the end of the hand. This is what makes Let It Ride Poker such an alluring game to beginner poker players who want to get a better feel for the game.

Also, in comparison to Texas Hold’Em, the tipping rate is lower. So a winning hand will get you a lower payout by contrast. A one pair hand will net a 1:1 payout, a straight 5:1 and incrementally up to a royal flush with a 1000:1 payout. Even with the lower payouts, your going to get more bang for your buck at “let it ride”.

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