Micro Bad Beat Jackpot Tables

This month Bet-at-Home Poker prepared for all the players a new promotion called Micro Bad Beat Jackpot. This way you can still be a winner even you have lost a big hand because of inexistent luck. The Micro Bad Beat Jackpot will start at €1,000 and increase with 2 cents every time when a raked hand is played at the special Micro Bad Beat Jackpot tables. The Jackpot is still live at Bet-at-Home and still raising every day until one “unlucky” lucky player will take in his account the jackpot money.

To be eligible to win this jackpot you will need to play at one of this cash tables shown bellow and lose a hand with Four of a Kind:

Terms and Conditions for the Micro Bad Beat Jackpot

–   The Micro Bad Beat Jackpot can be won only at the Micro Bad Beat Jackpot tables

–   Four or more players must be dealt into the hand

–   The hand must go to a showdown

–   You must lose at least with any Four of the Kind

–   The 2 cents contributions for every raked hand played at the special jackpot tables will be added until the jackpot is hit

General Details

Bet-at-Home is not accepting US Players

100% up to €1,000 (To be eligible you must use the Bonus Code P1000)

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Website: www.bet-at-home-poker.com

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