News In The Online Poker World, The Video Tables

888 Poker Webcam TablesStep by step, the online poker is closer to  the real poker  played by you with your friends or different opponents who stay in front of you and with who you can interact. Why you can`t do that in this moment over the internet?. The tehnology is evolving  and this option comes  posible without any problems. The poker players will be able interact in some poker rooms that have this system, through webcams.

In this conditions, a new perspective will open in the online poker world. The reprezentant of 888 Poker ( the first ones that  entered through the market with this video tables option) makes an interesting declaration : ”We believe that real poker doesn`t mean only the posibility to earn some money, but contains the joy, the fun and the social exprience. The online Poker was created for making money, we  belive that is no reason that online poker will not allow the players to meet, to see each other and socialize together. Our new video tables offers this elements, this is a clu  to our promiss that we want to play different. This is done for all the players who want to play over the internet a normal game of poker. Some of them will play for fun and some for real money. Our offer represents a fun  and an interesting game of poker vs  some people  that have the same interests like you and with who you can live interact” .

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