Patrik Antonius: “If Full Tilt Poker files for bankruptcy, I will lose a lot of money”

At odds with the press and with some analysts from the world of poker for the disaster situation from the Full Tilt Poker family, Patrik Antonius is not quiet anymore, he made an interview for PokerTube at Cannes. Up the date when Full Tilt Poker had the license suspended, Patrik was one of the players that played in formidable cash games at this poker room (he was also was sponsored by Full Tilt), after the site has closed down he retired to play cash games at Macao casinos. After 6 months he speaks for the first time about Full Tilt Poker situation: “I am not one of the owners of Full Tilt Poker, I just have a sponsorship deal with them. I am a simple man that just sees the news and I don`t know more than the majority. More than that, no one speaks to me about this subject, I am the last one who find out something in the online news. There are people that think that I have a lot of benefits because of my contracts with Full Tilt, but the reality is if Full Tilt Poker files for bankruptcy, I will lose a lot of money because I have a lot of money stuck out there” .

Antonius looked very upset about what is happening with Full Tilt Poker and of course of what will happen with the people that have in Full Tilt fortunes: “It will be a hard kick for the online poker. Think about how many people will remain without money, maybe their last money”

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