Pius Heinz wins the World Series of Poker Main Event ( WSOP )

For Months, the poker fans from all over the world waited to see who will be the crowned as WSOP champion. Yesterday, Pius Heinz, from Germany, earned that honor.

Heinz won with an ace high, when he called the 35-year old Martin Staszko with an ace and a king(AK), and Staszko only held a seven-10 of clubs. The flop was a five of clubs, a deuce of diamonds and a nine of spades, on the turn a jack of hearts and on the river a four of diamonds, “helping” Heinz to win the 2011 WSOP that started in July.

Final Table Standings

Now, the 22-years-old poker player, has won a $8.72 million prize at the World Series of Poker 2011 and he can start a new life with this tons of cash.

Honestly I’m not sure what I’m going to do with the money” said Heinz yesterday after winning the Main Event. “Probably my family is going to get a couple gifts.”

Staskzo won $5.43 million for the second place, a really nice consolation prize, but he`s going home without a bracelet  – the prize given for all the players that won an event at WSOP.

Congratulations Pius Heinz!

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