The Basics of No Deposit Poker Deals

No deposit poker offers are a very popular promotional tool. A vast majority of online poker rooms offer some sort of poker free money deal; in fact, a savvy player can earn a few hundred extra dollars a year by maximizing all of the available free bankroll deals.

Before you jump right in to the world of no deposit poker, there are a few things you should be aware of. This quick list will save you time, aggravation and will make taking full advantage of no deposit deals a more pleasant experience.

1. Look at the Bankroll Breakdown. Bankrolls basically have a “total value” number upfront and then usually some fine print about how you can earn that total. In most cases, you’ll get a small part of the bankroll upfront and then earn more of the bankroll as you pay rake. Reading the breakdown can help you identify which bankrolls give you the most money upfront, and can also help you to estimate how much of a bankroll you are likely to earn.

2. Check the Expiration Date. In the fine print of many bankrolls you’ll find a line about how long you have to meet certain conditions before you risk losing whatever part of the bankroll you have remaining or left to earn. Knowing this date – if it exists – will also help you to determine how much the bankroll is actually worth to you.

3. Can You Withdraw? Free bankrolls almost always have some restrictions regarding when you can cash out. These terms are intended to reduce fraud, but some rooms make restrictions so onerous that you’ll basically never be able to withdraw. Know what you’re up against before you waste any of your time.

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