The end of day 7 at WSOP Main Event

Anton Makiievskyi At the end of day 7 of the main event only 22 players remain in the race  for the WSOP bracelet. In this moment chipleader is Anton Makievski, who has more than 20 million chips. He won the most of his chips from Chris Moore. The hand started then when Moore called a preflop raise made by Makievski. Flop: K-J-J and both players gone all-in, Moore showed AJ (three of a kind (J) with kicker Ace) and Makievski KJ, full house. The Turn and River didn`t help Moore and  he remained with 1,5 million chips. He won an all-in after this hand and he doubled at 3,040,000.

Notable kick-outs this day : Sebastian Ruthenberg (55), Andrew Brokos (53), David Bach (45), Eric Lindgren (43), Tony Hachem (37), Steve Brecher (31), David Sands (30), Erica Moutinho (29) si J.P. Kelly (26)

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