Use Your Poker Gift Vouchers

You have ever though at the perfect present for your friend that loves to play poker?

The ideal present is the Gift Voucher from Red Kings Poker!

A friend that was at the same poker network as you, ever asked you for money when you were at cash tables or in a middle of an important tournament?

The Gift Voucher from Red Kings is the perfect tool for you to use in this kind of moments

You want to invite a new friend of yours at Red Kings Poker?

You just have to send him a Gift Voucher and in the same time you can use the bonus “refer a friend” for you to win cash money.

You can choose a Gift Voucher with a value between $10 and $50 and you can create maximum 10 Gift Vouchers per month, up to maximum value of $500. The only condition is that the Gift Vouchers can be sent only by players that had won at least 100 player points (an easy task).

General Details

Red Kings Poker is not accepting US Players

First Deposit Bonus – 100% up to $2,500 (CLICK HERE  for Bonus Codes and Bonus Details)


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