Win a $2500 package at Punta Cana Poker Classic

Have you heard of the Punta Cana Poker Classic? 2010 marked the beginning for Punta Cana, with more than 200 players registered for a guaranteed prize of $100.000. Tons of cash, poker celebrities wherever you look, a luxurious resort and extraordinary Dominican beaches, a paradise for poker! This year, the action is bigger and better with a guaranteed prize over $500.000 and RaisingCards will help you to get there!

The tournament begins on November 8th 2011 and ends on the 13th.  Until then you`ll have a shot if you play at this poker room to win a $2.500 package ($1,650 for buy-in, $850 for travel and accommodations), right in the middle of the action ! How to get there? You just need to go through a few steps of tournaments and   win the top prize at one of the two Punta Clara Finals, that are held twice a week. You can buy your own buy-in for the steps or you can work your way up through one of six daily freerolls! ( not so many players so you really have a chance)

The full schedule is as follows:

What are you waiting for? Get to the tourneys and live the “Poker Pro Dream” at Punta Cana!

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