You can go to Greece through Red Kings Poker Super Steps!

Super Steps for GSOP live 2You can win lots of money and you can stay in one of the largest tourist resorts in Europe, play against the very best of poker players, and take home a huge prize money? Of Course!! Red Kings Poker can make this happen for you– all you have to do is to make their Super Steps to be present at GSOP Live Season 2  in Greece!

Super Step 1: Players buy in for $1+0.05 for a chance to climb to Super Step 2.

Super Step 2: Players buy in for $14+0.07 for a chance to qualify into Super Step 3.

Super Step 3: Players buy in for $210 for a chance to secure a ticket to GSOP Live 2 Greece.

Super Steps 1 and 2 run several times every day, which gives players more opportunities to make it to Super Step 3. What’s more, Red Kings Poker allows players to buy in at any Step – meaning even if they don’t get past Super Step 1, they can directly buy into Super Step 2 or Super Step 3. The Super Steps is definitely the easiest and cost-friendliest way to book a seat in the GSOP Live 2 Greece!

General Details

Red Kings Poker is not accepting US Players.

You can receive at your first deposit a 100% Bonus up to $2500 (CLICK HERE for details)


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