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888 Poker Logo 888 Poker (888 Poker Network) grey US flag N/A 100% $400 five stars rating Read Review
bet-at-home logo big Bet-at-Home Poker (IPN) grey US flag P1000 100% €1000 five stars rating Read Review
Betfred Poker (iPoker Network) grey US flag N/A 100% £250 five stars rating Read Review
william hill logo big William Hill Poker (iPoker Network) grey US flag PSOFT600 200% £1250 five stars rating Read Review
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Poker Dictionary (A-D)

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     Here you can find some terms from poker that you can see on our website pages. If you find a term that is hard to understand search for it here in our Poker Dictionary and it is going to be explained to you.



Ante - is the amount of money that a player gives in to the pot before a hand starts. Ante is used in stud games but also in the Omaha and Texas Holdem tournaments in the late stages as an encouragement for more poker action.

Add-on - in tournaments you can purchase extra chips at the end of the Rebuy period, usually in the break time, after one hour of playing.

All-in - going all-in means that you are betting all your money in a single hand.

Bad Beat - is then when you are losing a hand with better cards than your opponent. Example: If you go all-in pre-flop with your opponent and you have A-A and he has 7-8 and he wins after the community cards are shown, that mean you had a Bad Beat because you have started the hand with better chances.

Bankroll - are all your money that you are willing to spend. (Be careful, not all the money you have in the cashier, but all the money you are willing to spend at some stakes). Higher stakes mean a higher bankroll that you need.

Big Blind - is the first forced bet to ensure action in a hand. It is used at the tables along with the Small blind. The person in Small Blind is two places to the left of the dealer

Bet - when you bet means that you wager an initial amount of money in a poker hand

Bonus Code - When you see a bonus code that means you can enter that code into your poker lobby when you are registering to a poker room or when you are depositing an amount of money and you will receive some bonuses that you will never had received if you haven`t added that code. Example: If you use our code POKSOFTS, when you register to Cake Poker you are entitled to a 110% up to $600 First Deposit Bonus. If you don`t enter this code, you could lose your bonus because you haven`t specified when you have registered that you want this bonus. Not all the websites have this kind of promotions with bonus codes. The majority of the poker rooms don`t have this bonus codes and you will receive your bonus without adding any code.

Bounty - is a prize (cash, objects, etc.) that you will receive if you will kick out from a tournament a player who is assigned as the bounty

Bubble - This is the name of an unlucky player who finishes a tournament to the last spot that doesn`t receives any cash.

Buy-in - To enter to a tournament you must post a buy-in. The Buy-in is usually constructed by the tournament entry and the fee that is taken by the house. This is how a buy-in looks like: $5+$0,50. That means the entry to the tournament is $5 and the fee for the poker room is $0,50. The fee is usually 10% of the entry.

Cashout (Withdraw) - the term Cashout is used when a player wants to take out his money from his poker account to his bank account, e-wallet, check, etc

Call - if someone bet or raises and you pay them, this means that you “call”

Collusion - when two or more players are collaborating to gain an unfair edge in a poker hand or poker game.

Community Cards - the cards which are with the face-up that anyone from the table can see them

Cashier - the place from your poker client where you can see your account balance

Chips – (Chip) is a unit of betting in a game of poker used mostly in tournaments and sit & go`s

Deck - a complete package of cards (52)

Deposit - when you want to add funds to your account, the used term is “deposit”



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