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Poker Room   US Players Bonus Code Bonus (%) Bonus ($) Star Rating Review
Poker Host Logo Poker Host (Merge Poker Network) US flag N/A 150% $750 five stars rating Read Review
888 Poker Logo 888 Poker (888 Poker Network) grey US flag N/A 100% $400 five stars rating Read Review
bet-at-home logo big Bet-at-Home Poker (IPN) grey US flag P1000 100% €1000 five stars rating Read Review
Betfred Poker (iPoker Network) grey US flag N/A 100% £250 five stars rating Read Review
william hill logo big William Hill Poker (iPoker Network) grey US flag PSOFT600 200% £1250 five stars rating Read Review
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Poker Dictionary (E-P)


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First Deposit Bonus - when you want to deposit, most of the poker rooms offer you a deal. Example: if you want to deposit to Betfred Poker you will be eligible for the First Deposit Bonus 100% up to $400. That means, if you deposit $200 you will receive extra $200 to play with. To release the extra $200 you need to generate rake that gives you points. With the points you can release the bonus. The maximum bonus that you can receive in this example is $400. Deposit $400 and you will receive $400 for free.

Final Table - the term of “final table” is only for tournaments. When you remain in the last 9-10 players in a tournament, all the remaining players are seated at one table, this table is named the “final table”

Flop - the first 3 community cards dealt by the dealer

Fold - when you don`t want to call because you have bad cards, you “Fold”

Freeroll - Tournament where the Buy-in is free

Freezeout - Tournament without rebuys and add-ons. Most of the times the winners takes all the money added to the tournament.

GSOP - Grand Series of Poker

Guaranteed Tournament - is the tournament where the minimal prize pool is known before registering. It is doesn`t matter how many people register to the tournament there will be always a minimum prize pool to be won

Heads-Up - a poker game between two players

Jackpot - is a prize offered to a player who suffered a Bad Beat. The jackpot grows every time when a player suffers a Bad Beat and the prize is offered randomly at some poker rooms.

Loose - the players who calls you every time to see your hand is called “a loose player”. Loose is also the opposite of Tight

Payout Structure - you can find this term in tournaments. You can find what percentage of the players is getting paid and how much from the prize pool each winner player gets.

Pocket Cards - are the cards you receive from the dealer with face down. These cards are the opposite of community cards.

Pocket Pair - is used in Texas Holdem Poker. When you receive two cards from the dealer and the cards are a pair, then you can say you have a “Pocket Pair”

Poker Points or Frequent Player Points - The Poker Points are related with the rake. Every dollar (euro), usually has the value of 10 Poker Points (or Frequent Player Points, the name differs at each poker room). After you reach a specific number of Poker Points you will be eligible to unlock a Bonus, you can pay your buy-ins to some tournaments or buy real money objects (some poker rooms have this option)

Pot - is the total amount of money or chips that a player can win in a poker hand



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