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Poker Room   US Players Bonus Code Bonus (%) Bonus ($) Star Rating Review
Poker Host Logo Poker Host (Merge Poker Network) US flag N/A 150% $750 five stars rating Read Review
888 Poker Logo 888 Poker (888 Poker Network) grey US flag N/A 100% $400 five stars rating Read Review
bet-at-home logo big Bet-at-Home Poker (IPN) grey US flag P1000 100% €1000 five stars rating Read Review
Betfred Poker (iPoker Network) grey US flag N/A 100% £250 five stars rating Read Review
william hill logo big William Hill Poker (iPoker Network) grey US flag PSOFT600 200% £1250 five stars rating Read Review
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Poker Dictionary (R-Z)

search poker dictionaryRaise - to bet more than the bet you have to call

Rake - is the revenue money of the poker rooms. They receive a percent from every pot. Usually is 5% from the entire pot, up to a maximum of $3

Rakeback - is the amount of money that the player receives back weekly from the entire rake that he did for the poker room. From the entire rake that the player is making for the poker room, he will receive back from 10% up to 50%. For example if a player signs up with Cake Poker he will be eligible to receive 33% Rakeback. If this player generates $999 in rake for the poker room he will receive back $333

Rake Race - as you can see above what means rake, the rake race is a race that some poker rooms organize monthly or for a well delimited period of time for the players who make the most rake. The players who are in the leaderboard of the rake race will receive gifts or cash prizes

Raked Hand - is the real money poker hand. If you have contributed to the pot in a real money poker hand it is called that "you have played a raked hand"

Rebuy - is used in tournaments that allow rebuys. You can buy-in again your chips for the tournament after you have kicked out

Re-Raise - if a player raises you and you bet more than he has raised you, means that you have Re-Raised him.

Ring Game - are the cash tables, opposite of the tournaments where the blinds never increase

River - the last community card that the dealer dealt

Reload - is a common term used when you deposit the second time, third time, etc. to an online casino. Usually the casinos have special bonuses for reloads

Satellites - are qualifying tournaments that qualifies you to a bigger tournament (live or online)

Sit Out - when you are not playing a poker hand (if you have gone to the toilet or you just don`t want to play that hand) (pay the Big Blind) you are called a Sit Out player

Skin - is a poker room that takes part from a poker network

Small Blind - is the first forced bet to ensure action in a hand. It is used at the tables along with the Big Blind. It`s value is half of the Big Blind and the person in Small Blind is one place to the left of the dealer

Tight - is a player who is playing only when he`s got a good hand

Tilt - is a state of mind when a player acts crazy after losing a pot or several pots

Time Bank - is a function found in the most poker rooms, that allows you extra time to think about when you have to make a tough decision

Tournament Fee - is the amount of money (usually 10%), which the poker room receives from the total buy-in for a particular tournament

Turbo - is a structure for tournaments where the blinds are increasing in a faster rate than normal

Turn - is the fourth community card dealt by the dealer

Withdraw (Cashout) - the term Withdraw is used when a player want to take out his money from his poker account to his bank account, e-wallet, check, etc

WPT - World Poker Tour

WSOP - World Series Of Poker



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