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Thursday, the company Global Poker Tours Limited announced that Edgar Stuchly is the new director of EPT. According a press communicate: “He will act like an EPT ambassador , helping us to do better objectives and to grow the quality of our tournaments for the thousands of players   that will participate at the events”

 Stuchly said : “EPT is the richest and the most impressive poker tour of Europe and I am glad to join this organization that is so loved in the “old continent” . My purpose is to bring the EPT to the next level, that means to improve the poker experience  for the players and  to install EPT to some European markets that are closed in this moment. This is big and a tough challenge, but so beautiful in the same time.”

Stuchly is not a stranger in the gambling world. In the past he was executive director at Casinos Austria. He spent 4 years in this business, coordinating the 12 casinos of Casinos Austria,  he founded the Casinos Austria Poker Tour and coordinate European Poker Championships.

His vast experience in live poker and his vision for EPT were key elements for his new job. “I am sure that the players, the fans and everybody that is bound with EPT will sense a benefic influence in the next few years” , said John Duthie, the general president of EPT.

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