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The traditional poker card game has been developing for more than 150 years. It was influenced by European players and Wild West saloons. People from the past had to risk their lives, because there were a lot of gunshots and cheaters among poker players. Now you can just read interesting articles about such poker legends as Wild Bill Hickok or Nick Greek.

Why is online poker so popular?

But the most important person for the modern world of online poker is definitely Chris Moneymaker. His story is similar to fairytales, where a hard work let a usual person to become rich and popular.

Chris was a normal accountant who liked to play online poker from time to time. In 2003 he won a $39 online satellite tournament. He was able to join his first tournament game and he became the champion of the world series of poker 2003. He got the main prize of 2,4 million dollars. Since that day online poker hasn’t ever been the same. A lot of people try to get more information about the best poker rooms and attend poker championships.

Online poker teams

We know that it’s possible to win alone, but it’s always better to be with some people who have more experience. So many people started to win with the help of their online poker teams. What do people do when they get together? They can form a bigger bankroll and also share various strategies and other online poker information. People are able to teach each other how to play and so on.

Of course all poker teams have their leader, rules, terms and conditions. For example, you can find teams with only women players or teams that demand from players a certain level of their skills.

How can you start to play online poker

You won’t have a problem, if you want to find an online poker room today. Plenty of websites suggest people this game. You can join an online poker room or find an online casino that also provides its players with poker.

So you should ask yourself a question: what do you actually want from playing online poker? Some people just like this card game, that’s why they register in poker rooms and play it right at their homes. And you can also find gamblers that want to become professional poker players and join teams or play real tournaments.

So first of all define your goals and then choose a place where you are going to play poker. If you want to be like Chris Moneymaker and win a lot of money, be sure that you’ll have to work really hard. Modern poker players are really young and resourceful. You’ll have to research poker strategy properly and also don’t forget that the game in online poker room is different from real one.

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