Gadget Prizes at William Hill Poker Christmas Freeroll

Gadget Freeroll Christmas PrizesA super Christmas Freeroll is waiting for you in this winter holiday, with an interesting prize pool. This is a chance for every new player that joins William Hill Poker and also a chance for old players to win one of their desired gadgets. You will be able to win one of the following prizes: a high quality Digital Camera, a brand new iPad 3 or even a MacBook Pro. This Freeroll is named Christmas Goodie Giveaway and will start on 24th December 2012 at 20:00 GMT.

How can you play this Christmas Freeroll?

Well, all you have to do is to play a little bit at William Hill and earn 150 WH Points. You will convert these points in a ticket when you register and that`s all. You will find this tournament in the lobby under William Hill Exclusives -> Special Offers.

Payout Structure

Just choose to play at William Hill Poker this winter and you will have the chance to take part to many other festive promotions.

General Details

William Hill Poker is not accepting US Players

First Deposit Bonus – 200% up to £1,250/€1,400 – to receive this Bonus you will need to write this Promo Code at sign-up: PSOFT600

Check the William Hill Poker Full Review


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Daily $10,000 Christmas Freerolls at 888 Poker

Great prizes stand under the Christmas Tree this year just for you and for the other players which decide to start a poker holiday campaign at 888 Poker.  Santa is watching you and he knows that you were a good boy, so you will not receive just the usual deposit bonus this month, you will also receive 2 FREE tickets at two $10,000 Freerolls.

How to be eligible?

All you have to do is to register an account in December 2012 at 888 Poker and you will receive two FREE Tickets to the $10,000 XMAS Daily Freerolls. After you make your first deposit (at least $10) you will receive another five tickets, which can be used by you to pay your entrance to  the $10,000 XMAS Daily Freerolls.  You can`t use in the same day the tickets, you must use these tickets in different days until 1st January 2012.

General Details

888 Poker is not accepting US Players

First Deposit Bonus: 100% up to $400

£12 FREE for UK users/ $8 FREE for the rest of the world, until 31st December 2012

Check the 888 Poker Full Review


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Sleight Race and a Super New Year’s Freeroll

Chilly prizes are coming this year from the top of the frozen steps of Lapland at the poker room William Hill Poker. The Himalayan Santa Claus is coming with a full bag of $35,000 of pure cash. To be one of the players which will grab a slice of the money, you must participate at least at one of the following weekly rake races:

Sleight Race Schedule
The top 15 players from each rake race will receive great cash prizes as follows:

The top 250 players from the overall leaderboard will be automatically qualified for the $5,000 Santa’s Freeroll, where the top 70 players will receive at least $50. The Freeroll is held on 6th January at 19:00 GMT.

Note: You can start a race anytime you want. You can win a race even if you entered the race in it’s last day. And you can be eligible for the Santa’s Freeroll even if you were present just in one race (if you gained enough points to be in top 250 overall)

General Details

William Hill is not accepting US Players

First Deposit Bonus: 200% up to £1250

Check the William Hill Poker Review


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Advices for the Advanced Tournament Poker Players

Advices for the Advanced Tournament Poker PlayersThe below advices are for all the poker players (live or online) because these rules are applied for everyone, but can be used only in big tournaments with more than 250-300 players registered. You can find many big tournaments and of course the best online poker games here on our website on the poker rooms which we promote. In the poker tournaments the stakes raise constantly, so the players must change their tactics constantly.

So, if you have a small amount of chips, you can`t afford to raise if you don`t have a good hand. But in poker exists a paradox which offers a lots of opportunities for the reverse psychology. If you have a small amount of chips, your opponents will not call you or re-raise you. They will call, only if they have a strong hand, because they know if you will go all-in, you have for sure a big hand. The other players are sure that you will not bluff in the situation when you have not enough chips, so if you know that, your chances to make a nice bluff raise.

When you have a medium amount of chips at the table, you need to take  tougher choices, because you will try to win more chips but in the same time you must be careful not be knocked out from tournament. Generally is good to play the small pots and avoid the bigger ones.

In the situation when you have a lot of chips, you must be careful because your opponents will try to wait for you to make a mistake in your aggressive game. You can risk more, but you can win with a big amount of chips only if you put pressure on your opponents with many raises and re-raises.

In the first steps of a tournament you need to gain many chips, but you have to  be patient to catch a player which goes all-in with a weak hand. In the middle of a tournament you must play more hands and win more pots. Preferably you must be aggressive, but if your opponents are aggressive you need to be passive and vice-versa. In this stage of the tournament you „learned” your opponents so you can call, raise, bluff or fold just by knowing them, because they will not risk anything in this advanced stage.

When you are at the final table of a tournament, you need to stay passive and just feel the smell of the money. You will have many chances to steal pots , because your opponents are scared to be very aggressive. You need to be aggressive with your opponents which have a small amount of chips and to avoid the battles with other players which have also a lot of chips.

In this stage of the poker tourney, if you have a small stack you need to double it and the only way to do that  is to go all-in when you see the ace in your pocket. It doesn`t matter if is A-2, or A-3, if you see the ace you must go all-in , because this is your only chance to double your chips and to still have a chance to win the tournament.

If you are gonna to play a live tournament I recommend you to play before some online tournaments because these tournaments are played faster and you will gain experience very quickly.

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2012 Christmas Tournament Poker Events

Christmas Bet-at-Home Poker Advent CalendarThis December Bet-at-Home Poker is bringing the festive spirit to the poker tables with $25,000 Guaranteed in poker tournaments: Cash Freerolls, Prize Freerolls, 1 Day Sit & Go races, 1 Day Cash Rake Races,  Prize Gift Giveaways and Themed MTTs.
These events will start on 1st December and will end on 24th December 2012.

Schedule of the Advent Calendar

Detailed Advent Calendar

Sit &Go Races
How many: 3 Sit & Go Races
When: 4th, 11th and 18th December
You can check the leader board on Bet-at-Home Poker website

Cash Rake Race
The winners will receive their prizes per 1 day of Rake Race
How many:  3 Rake Races
When: 7th, 14th and 21st December
You can check the leader board on Bet-at-Home website (will be updated hour by hour)

Cash Prize Freerolls
5 Freerolls with a total prize of €100 each will run on the below dates
Time: 12:00 GMT, 14:00 GMT, 16:00 GMT, 18:00 GMT & 20:00 GMT
Date: 1st, 6th, 8th, 13th, 15th & 20th December 2012

€1,500 GTD Rebuy Gift Tournament
Buy-in: $3.30 + Rebuys and Addon
When: 18:30 GMT on 2nd, 9th, 16th & 23rd December
Prizes: the winner will receive and iPad Mini and the players situated  from the 2nd up to 20th place will receive  cash prizes.

Themed Christmas Poker Tournaments

Santa’s Stocking Freeroll
Requirements: 1 Raked hand played at Bet-at-Home Poker
Prizes: 1st place will receive an iPad Mini and the places from 2nd up to 10th will receive cash prizes
When: Evening of the 24th December

Three Kings Tournament
Buy-in: €10 + €1
Bounty: if you win a hand against anybody with three kings you will win $50
When: 3rd December 2012 at 19:30 GMT
Prizes: €1000 Normal Payout Structure

Two Snowmen Tournament
Buy-in: €10 +€1
Bounty: win a hand against anyone with pocket 8’s and you will receive €10
When: 10th December 2012 at 19:30 GMT
Prizes: €1000 Normal Payout Structure

Reindeer Bounty Tournament
Buy-in: €5 + €0.50
Bounty: You will receive €50 for every reindeer which you will eliminate and you will receive €5000 if you will eliminate the all 8 reindeers
When: 17th December at 14:00 GMT
Prizes: normal payout structure for a €5 + €0.50 buy-in tournament

General Details

Bet-at-Home is not accepting US Players

100% up to €1,000 (To be eligible you must use the Bonus Code P1000)

Check the Bet-at-Home-Poker Full Review


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Super Daily Rake Races this December at Red Kings Poker

In the month of winter holidays, Red Kings Poker offers us prizes valued at $50,000. This is the total value of the prizes that the winner players which participate at the daily rake races will win.

How you can be a winner?

Well this is quite simple. These daily point races start every 3 days and the players situated after 3 days in the top 250 will receive money prizes. (The amount of money which you will receive depends by the place you finish after the 3 days of race). So, if you play more, you will have more chances to be a winner. You can start the rake race anytime you want, and after you finish a rake race you can start another one (until 30th December 2012)

General Details

Red Kings Poker is not accepting US Players

First Deposit Bonus – 100% up to $2,500 (CLICK HERE for Bonus Codes and Bonus Details)


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A €20,000 Freeroll This December at Inter Poker

This December you will find at Inter Poker one of the biggest online freerolls, which will be running this winter. A €20,000 Freeroll !

How to be eligible

To be eligible for this great tournament all you have to do is to make a deposit to Inter Poker until 1st December 2012 and you will be automatically registered

Pay-out Structure

Type of the Tournament

This tournament will be a Multi-Table Texas Holdem type tournament, with 2,500 starting chips with a 10 minutes blind structure.

When the Freeroll will start?

Tuesday – 11th December 2012 at 18:30 GMT

General Details

Inter Poker is not accepting US Players

First Deposit Bonus: 200% up to €1000

Check the Inter Poker Full Review


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Facebook Freeroll at Red Kings Poker

What can be greater than a free tournament, at a new poker room. Well.. nothing! This week you will be able to join to  the first freeroll of this kind at Red Kings Poker and our sources tell us that this will not be  the last Facebook Freeroll, that will be running at Red Kings.

Tournament Details

Name: – Red Kings Facebook Freeroll
Date: – 11.11.2012
Time: 17:15 CET ( 16:15 GMT)

Steps to get into the free tournament

1. Register to Red Kings Poker
2. Go to
3. Click on”like us” button
4. Post any comment you want
5. Post your Red Kings username

After you follow  this steps you will be able to see the password on Red Kings Facebook page 3 hours before the start of the tournament

General Details

Red Kings Poker is not accepting US Players

First Deposit Bonus – 100% up to $2,500 (CLICK HERE  for Bonus Codes and Bonus Details)


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Online Casino Games

Online Casino GamesThe best casino games , which before could only be found in live casinos, are available today on the online casinos and some games which  were played  in the past in live casinos only by pro players are available in our days on online casino websites for everyone.

Even you a play Texas Holdem, which is one of the most played games from the history of the internet or you play the popular table of Blackjack, where 21 is always the favorite, you can choose where you want to place your bet, in a fraction of a second with the help of online casinos. In our days, the online casino operators, will try to offer you many online casino games free to play, before you will decide to make a deposit to their casino. In this way, you will be able to see how an online casino is working, to see which are your favorite online casino games without any expenses from your behalf.

You can find over the internet an extraordinary selection of online casino games and you can choose your desired bonus, which can boost your bankroll in some cases even up to up to 600%.  To unlock the bonus you must usually wager the deposit amount several times to be able to unlock the bonus.

The online players love the slot machines that are available on the casino websites because they can bet from the value of a few cents up to several dollars per spin. At some of the online slots you can choose your desired line and your chances to be a winner will grow. The online slots are in this moment one of the main activities on the online casinos, because of the wide variety of games that can be found, with many different symbols and the multitude of different jackpots that can be won.

If you choose to play over the internet Blackjack, Slots, Poker, Baccarat, Roulette or Craps, you will find for sure the exactly desired online casino games for your taste. Even if  you try to play for free, or you try to spend a few dollars, in the end everyone will  be happy, because in the same time you will have  a good time and you will win a few extra dollars. But don`t forget, you can become a millionaire, just with a single spin or bet.

As a final advice for all the online casinos beginners, I recommend to all the players to read closely the reviews of an online casino before you want to make a deposit and after that, read with an owl attention the beginner guide, which can help you a lot.

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Bingo – An Online Social Game

No Deposit Bingo SitesBingo is a game with real success on all over the world. Is a game well known for its simplicity, the social aspect and of course the chance to win big, medium, or small prizes. This game is popular mainly through the feminine side, because is very social, but in the last few years it is played also by men, and because  some of the bingo sites have great promotions like the unnecessary deposit to be able to gamble, in our times are  many online no deposit bingo websites.

Now you can enjoy this game in your own home, with the help of the internet, you can play on many bingo sites and in the same time you can win money. You can also join some bingo sites where you don`t need to deposit any cash to be able to play and bet. One of the best bingo websites that you can find out there is  On the online bingo websites you can find players from all over the world and the jackpots can be huge. The online bingo can be played anytime and all you have to do is to register to an online bingo site to play. Sometimes you need to download a special software to be able to play the game as you do at the online poker or online casinos.

In an online bingo game a random number generator will choose the numbers for the game and you will receive a card offered by the software and like in any other bingo game you will mark the winning pattern. Sure, the rules will be the same as at a live game. With the help of the generator you will automatically yell “bingo” when you will have a winning pattern. Even it is a good technique to play a desired number of cards, some bingo websites will limit your number of cards. But in the case you want to play more cards, you must be sure you will pick a number of cards that you can handle, because if you choose a very big number of cards can lead to a failure in this game.

You can find out there many bingo sites which doesn`t require a deposit.  Some of them are websites with a few players, which can grow your chances of winning and websites with many players which can lower your chances of winning, but you must to choose wisely because where are many players are also huge jackpots which can lead you to a luxury life.
What is wonderful about this online game is that you can change anytime the website where you are playing, you can play anywhere in the world where you have an internet connection. Even you play from your home you can chat and socialize with other players through the program integrated in the software. You can play online bingo just for fun, but you must remember that this game can bring you a lot of money, and what can be more wonderful than to do something that is really fun and in the time to win some great amounts of money?

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