Why poker isn’t about the hand you have

In most games, the goal is to win through playing by the rules. The person with the better team, set of cards or the ‘most’ of whatever is used in a game will win. They will tend to have the upper hand and can easily beat their opponents.

And while this obviously is still present in Texas Hold’em – the person with more chips and better cards will generally play well – it is not the be all and end all. This is really because the person with the better hand comes down to chance. A lot of people may feel there is some kind of skill in recognizing a good hand, and that having a good card to begin with is a matter of skill, this really is not the case. Every time you play Texas Hold’em simply by trying to have the best hand, you are missing the point of the game.

Because obviously you stand the same chance as everyone else of having the best hand, and occasionally you will win based on dumb luck. But that is all this is – blind luck. Because it is not about having the best hand, but about trying to figure out who might have the best hand, so you can see if they will win or not.

Quite often someone will be able to win with a really poor hand, while someone with a good hand may lose simply because they think someone will have a better hand. Obviously if you have the best possible hand for the cards dealt and you realize this, you will win by default if you keep going. But at the same time, if you make it too obvious that you have the best hand and others believe you, they will fold far sooner than you might want them to.

As the goal is about being careful – keeping people in the game long enough to bet a lot of chips for you to win, so you can take the most possible. If everyone folds on the very first hand then you won’t really gain much at all, so you need to play it carefully.

Obviously there are different tactics involved though, and it is not all about playing one way rather than another. Some people will prefer to primarily make people think that they have good hands, others will prefer to be more neutral about the cards that they have and play the other people as and when it suits them.

So do change your tactics as and when you want, just because a certain tactic works well for one person it doesn’t mean it will work well for you necessarily. So use logic and figure out which you prefer, and play the game based on that. After a while you will really start to get a feel for which method of play you best work with, so simply stick with that as much as you can and see where it gets you, alternating if you need.

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Aced Poker: A Safe Heaven for USA Players

It has been more than a year since the events of Black Friday, which saw the
US Department of Justice shut down the biggest online poker rooms operating in the United States. Even today, there are scores of US poker forums and blogs full of comments from and about poker players who have been shattered by the closure of these sites and are still trying to get their money back. Several professional poker players even left the United States and went to Canada just to play online poker and not be involved in anything illegal. And as a result, one of the biggest problems that have arisen from that situation is the question of where to play online poker if you are from the United States.

The answer to this – is Aced Poker.

Aced Poker is one of the online poker rooms on the Merge Gaming network that still accepts and caters to American poker players. In fact, US poker players will find that the majority of the player traffic on this site is from their country. Aced Poker has recorded peak hour traffic of 10,000 players and more and has plenty of special bonuses and exciting promotions on offer for all of its members, including US players.

Aced Poker accepts players from all over the United States with the exception of a few states that have made it illegal for their residents to play online poker. As a result, if you are poker player from US states like Louisiana, Washington DC, New York, Missouri, Kentucky and Maryland, you will not be able to access the poker tables at Aced Poker.

Poker players from other US states will be able to make deposits at Aced Poker using payment methods like Visa and Western Union and can withdraw funds using Check and Western Union

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Let It Ride: An Alternative to Texas Hold’em

“Let It Ride” poker is a more casual and welcoming variation of 5-card stud poker with elements of Texas Hold’em to appeal to a wider base of players. The relaxed betting structure is the most notable change to the game. This shift to a more friendly style of betting is the perfect way to get comfortable with the mechanics of Let It Ride and is easy to learn.

Like stud poker, there is a five-card hand comprising of three dealt player cards and two community cards. As each of the two community cards are dealt, unlike Texas Hold’em the player has the option of withdrawing a third of their original bet. This can be done on the turn of each of the community cards, so as the player gets an idea of the staying power of their hand as it progresses, they can choose not just to fold, as in Texas Hold’Em, and lose out on their bet. But rather they can decrease their original bet by a third, or two thirds if they feel they can’t compete with their hand.

The online version of Let It Ride (also known as Let ’em Ride) allows players to increase their bet gradually as each card gets revealed so players can win even more money on a winning hand.

The name “Let if Ride” comes from the act of not reducing your bet, but rather you “Let it Ride” through the end of the hand. This is what makes Let It Ride Poker such an alluring game to beginner poker players who want to get a better feel for the game.

Also, in comparison to Texas Hold’Em, the tipping rate is lower. So a winning hand will get you a lower payout by contrast. A one pair hand will net a 1:1 payout, a straight 5:1 and incrementally up to a royal flush with a 1000:1 payout. Even with the lower payouts, your going to get more bang for your buck at “let it ride”.

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The Perfect Online Casinos for the European Players

Europe can be considered a gambling paradise. That`s a fact because here you can find the most liberal laws from this domain. Of course not all the countries have such a pro-legislation when you are talking about online gambling, but most of the countries have nothing against people that own this kind of business or against the ones which are players in this domain.

When we talk about the casinos from Europe, we think about legality but also about the security. The European casinos have high security standards, the UK casinos are being known as having the highest standards in this domain

Some of the European countries, as Portugal for example, haven`t got a clearly legislation about the online gambling. The European Union recommends all the UE members to adopt a favorable legislation, but these countries make their own decision.

How to Find the Top European Online Casinos

In the first place, you want to find out if an online casino accepts European players. This is simple. These casinos, most of the times display the European flag or other individual flags from other European countries. Another method is to look at the currency, if they use EURO or GBP as a currency, then the online casino is legal. But not all the online casinos have exceptional offers. There are many aspects you want to look at, when you want to register to an online casino. The first criteria is the number of games from where you can choose.  We understand that you love to play your favorite game, but sometimes you probably want to try your luck and win some money playing a different type of games. It is always a pleasure to take a poker break, to play a nice Blackjack game, roulette, craps or even a Bingo game.

The casino visited by you must look nice, have a lot of nice looking games and an intuitive gameplay. The gambling games are for fun and of course for winning money, but if all of these requirements are not placed in a nice well-done online casino with good graphics you will not spend so much time in that casino. The European casinos offer a lot of bonuses for the new players which choose to register. This gives you the possibility to receive a lot of free money if you join  their casino, play more games and of course that means you will have more chances to win.

Probably you already know many online casinos which operate in Europe.  That`s why it will be very hard for you to choose the best online casinos with the best offers. You can try yourself to find them over the internet but we guarantee that you will not succeed. This task is almost impossible for just one person.

The experimented editors from have scouted a long time for the best online UK and European online casinos. This information will be revealed to you for free. The online casinos from their list are the best over the continent, with the greatest offers and super promotions. You will find there not only the EUR currency but also other European currencies.

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£5 FREE to Spend at the Newest Mobile Slot from Betfred Mobile Casino

Come around and receive your £5 FREE  to spend on Wolf Run, the newest outstanding slot game for the Mobile section of Betfred Casino.

Wolf Run Slot Description

  • Outstanding free spins bonus with the potential for an incredible 255 free spins!
  • Extraordinary graphics and an innovative concept making for great gameplay.
  • Loads of wild symbols.
  • Already a major hit in casino’s all over the globe!

You will find here at Betfred Mobile Casino all kinds of games which can make you rich at one touch of the button, with no download required, which means that all the players can enjoy Betfred Mobile`s nine great titles, anywhere, anytime.

This mobile platform from Betfred recently won the mGaming Award for “Innovation in Mobile” , so you don`t have to worry, you are in good hands.

General Details

Betfred does not accept US Players

£5 FREE as a Welcome Bonus

£50 FREE BET – Place your first bet of £5 or greater and you will receive a FREE bet up to £50

Website: www.betfred.com

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Seeing patterns

When it comes to playing poker, a lot of it is all about seeing the right patterns in a player and working with that. Those who have not faith with ensuring that they do not have any tells will often have a particular system – they may bet high only when they are sure that they can win, for example.

You can use this to your advantage quite easily – if they do not bet high then it is likely that you will win, if they are at all unsure of their hand then they will easily cave under any high bet on your part. This means that even if you are bluffing and have a poor hand, you can make them think that you do have a good hand. Even if they are skeptical as to how good your hand is, if they do not know the odds and cannot read you, then they will probably be unwilling to continue as it is. This means that you can easily win the hand, helping you to win the game.

But if you play regularly with certain people then there are other things that you can notice as well. When I play with some of my friends there is one in particular who will only continue to bet if they have something in their hand. Even if it is just something low like a pair of twos, they will happily continue to try and out-bet and out-bluff people as long as they think they can convince us they have a good hand.

However, according to the online sources, this is predictable behavior, and so plays against them in the long run. Obviously if they continue to bet it can be hard to know if they have a good hand or simply have something that will at least score some points, but it lets me know two things – firstly that there is something they could win with, and secondly it gives me a better idea of what they have.

After the first three cards are laid down, I can bet fairly highly. If my friend bets and matches, then obviously they have something. If they fold, they have nothing. At the same time, if I bet low or simply continue to match other players myself, if they then fold I’ll know it wouldn’t have been worth it to play with continue betting against them anyway – any bluff I make would simply cause them to cave in, as the point in bluffing is to try and get as much money in the pot as possible, to win more.

At the same time, if the first three cards are poor and my friend only matches, I will know they have something, but not that good. If I have a three of a kind then it’s likely I can win, simply because they will have something, but that something probably isn’t very good – a pair at best. They will never bet when only having a high card, and I use that to my advantage and learn.

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$25 000 Rake Race between 14th May and 3rd June 2012 at Best Poker

On 14th May 2012 will a start an outstanding Rake Race at Best Poker and it will end on 3rd  June 2012. All you have to do is to generate a lot of rake and of course the rake will be converted in player points. The players with the most player points earned in the above period will receive cash prizes. You will earn player points playing at the cash tables, Sit & Go`s and tournaments. You can check the Best Poker website for the daily updated leader board. At the end of the Rake Race, if you are a winner (you are placed in the leader board) send an email to Best Poker support team and claim your prize.

Prize structure

General Details

Best Poker is not accepting US Players

First Deposit Bonus – 100% up to $2,000 (CLICK HERE for bonus details and bonus codes)

Website: www.bestpoker.com

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2012 Online Satellites for the WSOP 2012 Main Event

In June 2012, one of the biggest poker events of the year, the World Series of Poker (WSOP) will run in Las Vegas. Cake Poker doesn`t want to owe anything to anybody, so, they added over 30 Satellites every day to their poker software for everybody to have a chance to qualify to the WSOP Main Event ($10,000 Buy-in).  You can start your way to the WSOP from only $0.30. You can join with this small buy-in to Step 1 Satellite. You can join to the Online Finals every week on Sunday at 5 PM ET (9 PM GMT) qualifying through the Step Satellites or directly paying the buy-in  of $200+$15.

  • The full value the package for the WSOP Main event worth $10,000

Full Schedule for the WSOP Qualifiers

General Details

Cake Poker does not accept US players

First Deposit Bonus: 110%  up to $600 and a free ticket to $500 New Depositors Freeroll.

For this Bonus you will need this Bonus Code: POKSOFTS

Website:  www.cakepoker.com

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Poker Then and Poker Now

The origin of the game of poker is not well known, but is considered to be a very old game. There are some theories about its origins, but the most popular one is that the game of poker was invented around year 900 from a Chinese domino game played by the emperors. Another theory is that poker has derived from the Persian game “As Nas”, that used 25 cards and 5 suits. The German and French theories said that Poker has its roots from “Pochspiel” and “Poque”.

If the genesis of this game is still unknown, is good to know that today`s poker dates from the second decade of the 19th century when the French colonists from New Orleans brought this game in the USA. Until 1834, when this game receives the name of “Poker” was played with only 20 cards. From 1836 the 20 card game was replaced with today`s 52 card game. During of Civil War, many soldiers were playing this game, and in that period many changes additions were impregnated in the game, appearing different variants as Draw Poker, Stud Poker (5 card variant) and the Straight

Even that the traditional game of poker is played from almost 200 years, the online poker appeared at the middle of the 90`s, but it has an amazing success. First time the online poker was promoted by the online sportbooks. The first poker room that ever existed was created in 1998 by Planet Poker. This poker room is still online but is in the shadow of the success poker rooms from our days. Many don`t know, but the rake system was implemented by the people from Planet Poker. The differences from the beginning of online poker and the online poker from our days are of course the promotions. At the beginning you just deposited money and played. Now the things are different, today`s poker promotions are like a poker heaven for everybody. You can choose from first deposit bonuses, royal flush bonuses and rakeback deals on almost every poker room that you can find over the internet.

From 2004 the online poker industry exploded, the popularity of the online poker has grown very much because of Chris Moneymaker, an online poker player that have qualified to WSOP through online satellites and won the 1st place and a prize of almost $3,000,000. Increasingly, many people started to play poker over the internet hoping to have Chris fate. In this moment the companies that own the poker rooms invest a lot of money promoting the online poker, several of them entering in the stock market as well.

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€10,000 New Depositor’s Freeroll and WSOP Satellites at Inter Poker

Inter Poker is inviting all new players into a €10,000 Freeroll on the 7th June. To be eligible for this tournament, all you have to do is to register to Inter Poker and make your first deposit any time during the month of May, and play just 1 raked hand (real money hand) and you will be registered to the €10,000 New Depositor’s Freeroll

If you register now you will have the chance to enter to the Inter Poker WSOP qualifiers and many other tournaments with special prizes

General Details

Inter Poker is not accepting US Players

First Deposit Bonus: 200% up to €1000

Website: www.interpoker.com

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