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Here you can find some terms from poker that you can see on our website pages. If you find a term that is hard to understand, search for it here in our Poker Dictionary and it is going to be explained to you.


Ante is a poker term that refers to the amount of money that a player gives in to the pot before a hand starts. Ante is used in stud games but also in the Omaha and Texas Holdem tournaments in the late stages as an encouragement for more poker action.


In tournaments you can purchase extra chips at the end of the Rebuy period, usually in the break time, after one hour of playing.


Going all-in means that you are betting all your money in a single hand.

Bad Beat

Bad Beat is then when you are losing a hand with better cards than your opponent. Example: If you go all-in pre-flop with your opponent and you have A-A and he has 7-8 and he wins after the community cards are shown, that means you had a Bad Beat because you have started the hand with better chances.


The Bankroll is all your money that you are willing to spend. (Be careful, not all the money you have in the cashier, but all the money you are willing to spend at some stakes). Higher stakes mean a higher bankroll that you need.

Big Blind

The big blind is the first forced bet to ensure action in a hand. It is used at the tables along with the Small blind. The person in Small Blind is two places to the left of the dealer


When you bet means that you wager an initial amount of money in a poker hand

Bonus Code

When you see a bonus code that means you can enter that code into your poker lobby when you are registering to a poker room or when you are depositing an amount of money and you will receive some bonuses that you will never have received if you haven’t added that code. 


The Bounty is a prize (cash, objects, etc.) that you will receive if you will kick out from a tournament a player who is assigned as the bounty


This is the name of an unlucky player who finishes a tournament to the last spot that doesn’t receive any cash.


To enter a tournament you must post a buy-in. The Buy-in is usually constructed by the tournament entry and the fee that is taken by the house. This is how a buy-in looks like: $5+$0,50. That means the entry to the tournament is $5 and the fee for the poker room is $0,50. The fee is usually 10% of the entry.

Cashout (Withdraw)

The term Cashout is used when a player wants to take out his money from his poker account to his bank account, e-wallet, check, etc


If someone bet or raises and you pay them, this means that you “call”


Collusion is hen two or more players are collaborating to gain an unfair edge in a poker hand or poker game.

Community Cards

The Community Cards are the cards which are with the face-up that anyone from the table can see them


The Cashier is the place from your poker client where you can see your account balance


Chips – (Chip) is a unit of betting in a game of poker used mostly in tournaments and sit & go`s


A Deck is a complete package of cards (52)


When you want to add funds to your account, the used term is “deposit”


EPT means European Poker Tour

First Deposit Bonus

When you want to deposit, most of the poker rooms offer you a deal. Example: if you want to deposit to Betfred Poker you will be eligible for the First Deposit Bonus 100% up to $400. That means, if you deposit $200 you will receive extra $200 to play with. To release the extra $200 you need to generate a rake that gives you points. With the points you can release the bonus. The maximum bonus that you can receive in this example is $400. Deposit $400 and you will receive $400 for free.

Final Table

The term “final table” is only for tournaments. When you remain in the last 9-10 players in a tournament, all the remaining players are seated at one table, this table is named the “final table”


The Flop the first 3 community cards dealt by the dealer


When you don’t want to call because you have bad cards, you “Fold”


A freeroll is a Tournament where the Buy-in is free


Tournament without rebuys and add-ons. Most of the time the winners take all the money added to the tournament.


GSOP means Grand Series of Poker

Guaranteed Tournament

A guaranteed tournament is the tournament where the minimal prize pool is known before registering. It is doesn’t matter how many people register to the tournament there will be always a minimum prize pool to be won


Heads-Up is a poker game between two players


The Jackpot is a prize offered to a player who suffered a Bad Beat. The jackpot grows every time when a player suffers a Bad Beat and the prize is offered randomly at some poker rooms.


This poker term defines the player who calls you every time to see your hand. This kind of player is called “a loose player”. Loose is also the opposite of Tight

Payout Structure

You can find this term in tournaments. You can find what percentage of the players is getting paid and how much from the prize pool each winning player gets.

Pocket Cards

The Poker Cards are the cards you receive from the dealer with face down. These cards are the opposite of community cards.

Pocket Pair

A pocket Pair is used in Texas Holdem Poker. When you receive two cards from the dealer and the cards are a pair, then you can say you have a “Pocket Pair”

Poker Points or Frequent Player Points

The Poker Points are related to the rake. Every dollar (euro), usually has the value of 10 Poker Points (or Frequent Player Points, the name differs at each poker room). After you reach a specific number of Poker Points you will be eligible to unlock a Bonus, you can pay your buy-ins to some tournaments or buy real money objects (some poker rooms have this option)


The Pot is the total amount of money or chips that a player can win in a poker hand


Taise means to bet more than the bet you have to call


Rake is the revenue money of the poker rooms. They receive a percent from every pot. Usually is 5% from the entire pot, up to a maximum of $3


The Rakeback is the amount of money that the player receives back weekly from the entire rake that he did for the poker room. From the entire rake that the player is making for the poker room, he will receive back from 10% up to 50%. For example if a player signs up with Cake Poker he will be eligible to receive 33% Rakeback. If this player generates $999 in rake for the poker room he will receive back $333

Rake Race

As you can see above what rake means, the rake race is a race that some poker rooms organise monthly or for a well delimited period of time for the players who make the most rake. The players who are in the leaderboard of the rake race will receive gifts or cash prizes

Raked Hand

A Raked Hand is the real money poker hand. If you have contributed to the pot in a real money poker hand it is called that “you have played a raked hand”


The Re-Buy is used in tournaments that allow rebuys. You can buy-in again your chips for the tournament after you have kicked out


If a player raises you and you bet more than he has raised you, it means that you have Re-Raised him.

Ring Game

Ring Game are the cash tables, opposite of the tournaments where the blinds never increase


River is the last community card that the dealer dealt


Reload is a common term used when you deposit the second time, third time, etc. to an online casino. Usually the casinos have special bonuses for reloads


Satellites are qualifying tournaments that qualifies you to a bigger tournament (live or online)

Sit Out

When you are not playing a poker hand (if you have gone to the toilet or you just don`t want to play that hand) (pay the Big Blind) you are called a Sit Out player


Skin is a poker room that takes part from a poker network

Small Blind

The Small Blind is the first forced bet to ensure action in a hand. It is used at the tables along with the Big Blind. It’s value is half of the Big Blind and the person in Small Blind is one place to the left of the dealer


Tight is a player who is playing only when he’s got a good hand


Tilt or tilted is a state of mind when a player acts crazy after losing a pot or several pots

Time Bank

The time bank is a function found in the most poker rooms, that allows you extra time to think about when you have to make a tough decision

Tournament Fee

The Tournament fee is the amount of money (usually 10%), which the poker room receives from the total buy-in for a particular tournament


A structure for tournaments where the blinds are increasing in a faster rate than normal


The Turn is the fourth community card dealt by the dealer

Withdraw (Cashout)

The term Withdraw is used when a player want to take out his money from his poker account to his bank account, e-wallet, check, etc


WPT means World Poker Tour


WSOP means World Series Of Poker

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