The German Benny Spindler wins EPT London Main Event

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Benny Spindler went to the European Poker Tour London Main Event like a man in a mission. The German poker player has finished the first day as a chipleader, a place that he also kept in the second day. After that, he never gone down of 15th place. Thursday he ended his mission, winning the London EPT Main Event and a $1.167.000 prize.

Spindler kicked out the American Steve O’Dwyer at HU, after only 14 hours of final table. Even O’Dwyer has lost the first place, he continues to be one of the best players in tournaments. In July he won the Bellagio Cup with a $5000 buy-in. In August he won Epic Poker League Pro-Am. Also, he finished 5th in a secondary event at EPT Barcelona. The total winnings made by the US player from July until now are $1.062.000 .

O’Dwyer was the 5th player eliminated by Spindler in his way to the title. Also, Splinder kicked out: Miroslav Benes (8), Martins Adeniya (7-a), Kevin Lacofano (6) and Juan Manuel Pastor (4). This title his second title in his portfolio and his winnings reach $3.000.000.